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Personal data
Date of birth: 22 of July 1952. Birthplace: Tălmăcel - Sibiu
Status: divorced

Home: 550327 Sibiu, 7 Aurel Vlaicu, Phone.+4-0269-422215
Office: Phone: +4-0744-611402, Fax: +4-0269-224480
E-mail: me@ilierotariu.com
Web: http://www.ilierotariu.ro
Training: Academy of Economics - Foreign Trade Faculty graduated in 1975, Bucharest
Spoken languages: French, English, Romanian, German

Concerning formation: the parents being chalet managers, he spent his childhood in the mountains and attended school in the country, in Bucharest and Sibiu. He learned to know either the rigors of the life in the mountains and the temptations of the cities, was lucky to have exceptional teachers and graduates high school for market economy, graduate specialization in: commercial, currency and financial international intercourse.
Professional experience: because of the divorce, after graduating the Foreign Trade Faculty in Bucharest in 1975 he could not work in foreign trades.
- Between 1975 and 1977 he specialized in hotel business and, as head of the hotel department of the Timisoara Tourism Office he brought the first profits of the venture, reclassified and supervised modernization of the hotels: Continental, Banatul, Dacia-Lugoj, and the building of hotel Timisoara.
- Between 1977 and 1982, returned to Sibiu: he studied logistics of the tertiary industry as head of the Sibiu Tourism Agency and pressed for the introduction of contractual tourism legislation, launches the first touristic products for Romanians, introduced the hotels reservation system for the benefit of the population, a qualitative leap in the communist
domestic tourism, organized ENSIBCLUB, the first Romanian holiday inn after the model of ClubMed.
- He visited the only allowed region of the world accessible for Romanians, from East Germany to Central Asia, promoting a new itinerary product with every excursion.
- In 1982 he took over the plannning-personnel-management-salaries department of the Sibiu Tourism Office, applied 4 substantial staff-reductions, using, however, twice as much personnel, owing to the trebling of the total turnover. He bore the last years of dictatorship.
- In February 1990 he organized an initiative-board in order to relaunch Romanian tourism by means of a new legislation and the autonomy of the ventures. As president of the Sibiu Economists Trade Association he set up ROSIBCLUB - private enterprise - trying to burst State monopoly in foreign tourism. He did not succeed in organizing the Sibiu Chamber of Commerce because of a car crash suffered in May 1990, after which he had to stay in hospital for 6 months.
- October 1990 he took part officially at the dissolution of the Sibiu State Tourism Office and took over the management of Paltinis S.A., one of the result companies, a bankrupt firm, which would become within 6 months a real-estate company with state capital; in expectancy of privatization it exploited its touristical patrimony through 14 companies with private capital. He managed to make the first step towards true privatization in August 1993, selling two hotels, according to the Romanian low. But finally, in February 1994 he thought it wiser to resign and start a private venture in multimedia (Imagica XXI SA). He wrote and handle the first prospects including "General Conditions" for tourism in Romania after 1989.
- In 1991 he obtained the license as official auction organizer. He took part of the preparing lessons organizer by the Minister of Finance and PHARE program as introduction to the new accounting system.
- He visited Greek in 1992 as a student at a ticketing course, took part as exhibitor to TIB (Berlin Tourism Faire)
- In 1993 and in 1994 received the assistance of Mr. Jean Pierre PARIS ex director of Thomas Cook-USA to start IT Intertourism, the private tour operator, the first one to be admitted in an international professional association (WATA). In 1993-1995 he received the assistance of Professor Uwe Schulte of Hanns Seidel Stiftung.
- In 1994 he and his brother, organized the system of "abonamente" - a kind of health insurances for his brother's one day hospital "Clinica Paltinul" in Sibiu. The system allowed his brother to think to search founds to build up two more one day hospitals.
- The present economical conditions will oblige to move It Intertourism in Bucharest to take advantage of a larger market. He has activated his first venture, Rosibclub under the name of Intertourism - as he wants to stay in Sibiu - in order to carry on its work in the fields of tourism. Several awards were granted for the web site of Sibiu (www.sibiunet.ro) made under his management and his site "The end of the Millennium - the Greatest Point of the last total solar eclipse August 11 1999³ was accepted and linked by NASA specialists on NASA's data base.
- 1998 he joint Skal International Club - les professionel du tourism
- Professor of Science Faculty of "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu
- 2004 deputy dean of Economic Science Faculty
- ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurence in Higher Education) permanent expert
- 2012 Secretary of the Senate of "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu
- 2011 PhD Adviser
Qualifications: Thesis Diploma: "International trade with culture and art"
- the first research of this kind in Romania. The majority of the later published works are compelled to come out under the condition of "professional secret". He published about 15 articles in specialized magazines, but the interdiction of consulting adequate documentation leads to his putting into practice of the theories already stated. After 1991 he happened to keep the headlines of the newspapers because of the actions he was involved in mainly in the field of privatization and integration into the global economy. He couldn't focus on a theoretical subject when the present was taking shape under his eyes. A collection of more than hundred speeches and articles wait to be published. A Delphi Study was organized by AIT (Alliance Touristique Internationalle) and from 5,000 world wide specialists in tourism he finished the race among the last 250 selected.
- after joining the "Lucian Blaga" University he enrolled himself for academic researches, took part to conferences, has written books etc.
- Doctor degree thesis "Globalization and tourism- study case: Romania" January 2004
Printed books:
-"Turismul romanesc - o cauză pierdută?" - Editura Universităţii Lucian Blaga Sibiu - 2000
- "Economia intreprinderii comerciale" - note de curs - Fundaţia Universităţii Alma Mater - Sibiu 2000 -
- Comunicarea in campaniile electorale, Editat de Intertourism, 2000
- Probleme actuale ale relaţiilor economice, valutare şi fiscale internaţionale - Exportul Intern, Editat de Intertourism, 2000
- coautor - "Economie Politică" - Editura Alma Mater, Editura Universităţii Lucian Blaga, Editura Continent - Sibiu 2000
- "Transporturi, expediţii şi asigurări de mărfuri şi călători" - Editura Universităţii Lucian Blaga, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2006, ISBN 978-973-632-37103, 260 pag.
- "Globalizare si turism" - Editura Continent 2004
- "It is about the time to rewrite the Economics: the way from 3S to 3E" - Editura Alma Mater 2006, ISBN 978-973-632-318-8, 79 pag
- Managementul fondurilor europene - suport de curs CD 192 MB 2005,2006,2007 Sibiu ISBN 978-973-632-412-3
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- "Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007" - Edited by ATLAS - Editura Universitatii Lucian Blaga 2007, ISBN978-973-632-395-9, 189 pag
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- The Impact of the 2007 European Cultural Capital in Sibiu: A long term perspective / Richards Greg, Ilie Rotariu. - Sibiu : Editura Universităţii "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu, 2010 ISBN 978-973-739-954-0, 87 pag.
- Comunicare si relatii publice de afaceri - Rotariu I., Muntean, M. Danciu A -Editura Universităţii " Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu, 2010 ISBN 978-973-739-958-8, 216 pag
Other Commitments:
1990 AECS (The Association of Economists of Sibiu Commerce)
1994 ANAT (Asociatia Nationala a Agentiilor de Turism)
1994 ANTREC - Sibiu branch
1995: WATA (World Association of Travel Agencies)
1998: SKAL-Excellence in tourism (International Association of Executives of Tourism Industry)
1999 ATLAS (European Association for Leisure Studies)
2000 INFER (International Network for Economic Research
2003 Centrul de Cercetări Economice al Universităţii "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu
2005 WLA (World Leisure Association)
2006 AJTS (The Tourism Association of Sibiu County)
2006 LIONS Club Sibiu
2006 EAIE (European Association for International Education)
2006 IFEA (International Festivals and Events Association)
2007 ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in higher Education)
2008 ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association)
2009 TQOL Budapest Model Forum
2011 IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence
2013 ITS (International Social Tourism Organisation)
2014 IGCAT International Association for Culture, Art, Tourism and Gastronomy
2015 ERG Sibiu 2019 European Region of Gastronomy - coordinator for "Sibiu Initiative Group" to reach the title
2005 Boby Rusu: Personalitati care fac istoria Sibiului

Owner of the site about the total solar eclipse August 1999 for Romania http://www.ilierotariu.ro/oldsite/old/TransylvaniaTravel/index.html